Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Had Fun Reading My Instructions, It Was Great.

Robert Performing Shannon Instructions
Today I woke up really early like at 7 AM, but my class starts until 9 AM, so I decided to go back to sleep more because sleep is not my best friend here. That means that you barely get to sleep. Then, I woke up at 8:20 AM and started getting ready for my class. I was nervous because today I was going to read my instructions of how to tie a tie. I was going through my instructions seeing if I was clear enough that if someone else were to try it, they won't get confuse with the instructions. I was hoping that Achy will give me a guy so he can perform how to tie a tie while I read my instructions. When I got to class; all my classmates were already there. Then I forgot that Achy had told us yesterday that she was coming late today, around 2 PM. Achy T.A, her name is Kemi, came into the room and told us that if we knew what we were the plans for today. First, we started writing on our journal from 9 AM to 10 PM. I was writing about how passionate I am about soccer and how soccer is a big part of my life. Then when our one hour journal time finished, Kemi told us if we needed to stretch to relief some tension in our body. I think it was a good idea because after I finished stretching I felt a lot better. 

Tess reading on how to braid hair.
Then Kemi said if we were ready to read our instructions and asked us if we wanted to do it in the classroom or outside. Everyone in our class decided to go outside and get some nice fresh air. As we were performing and every time someone finishes reading their instructions we were giving them feedback. Is a good strategy because then you know where you need to be more clear and add more details. When I was reading my instructions and Nina was performing it I saw where I need to be more specific and what things I needed to add, so it can be more understandable. Four of the girls made instruction about how to braid hair, but all of them
My Lunch
were a different type of braid. Three others made instructions for origami, I thought it was very cool because is a lot of steps and you have
to be
very clear about where to fold and how to fold. Kemi let us out at 12 PM to go get some lunch and we needed to be back at 1:30 PM. 

As I was walking to the Dining Hall I bump into Alexa and talked about the reading article that she has to read. Alexa told me that she only slept five hours and she woke up at 5 AM. I was shocked when she told me that because I would of probably fell asleep in class if I was her. Then I went to get food and when I finished I came to my room to start drafting my blog. I checked my email and I had two emails from Kevin and David (my mentor). I received feedback from them about how to tie a tie, but I emailed them late last night and there weren't able to reply until this morning but thanks for the help I appreciate it. It makes me happy that they are people out there that are willing to help me and knowing that I'm not alone; makes me feel more comfortable.

The view where I was sitting at.
When I went back to class we were waiting for achy to come. Achy came at 1:45 PM and she started talking about strengths and weaknesses in writing. Then she gave us time to think and write it down on a paper about our strength and weakness. When we were all done, we all shared one strength and one weakness to the class. Achy then made us think more in-depth suggesting if we have to pick a person that is the opposite of us who would it be and why. I picked my mom because she always judges people without knowing them and that's something I don't like about her. Then, Achy added that what would be one thing that will break that person down and that would be our assignment. We need to think like the other person and why they act a certain way. Then Achy let us out at 2:45 PM. I came straight to my room and started working on my assignment because is due at midnight. I finished my assignment and send it to Kevin, so he can take a quick look at it and check on my grammar. Kevin didn't take very long to email me back and I was glad because I wanted to get done with this once and for all. Kevin told me I done an excellent work on my writing and gave me good compliments and that made me feel very proud about myself. Kevin always gives me good tips, so I can improve on my writing skills. Then
My dinner plate
I corrected my essay again and I got it done by 5 PM. Then, I went to get dinner at the Dining Hall. No one was there only a few students it surprised me, I think I was there too early.

The vie from my window.
After I got done with my food I came back to my room and work on my story that I worked on Monday. I needed to write about a character point of view from the story, "The Indian Camp". My character is George so I needed to make a background of him and tell the story with the same dialogue but in his point of view. It was hard for me because my professor corrected and I had a lot of mistakes so I started to work on it. I have to correct it and send it back to her tomorrow before 5 PM. At 8:30 PM I took a break and I went to take a walk outside to go get fresh air and clear my mind. They were watching a movie outside in the grass. It was a group of kids with their family watching The Lego Movie. I stayed watching in for five minutes and then kept on walking around the grass where the group of kids and family were watching the movie. Then, I came back to South Campus and went to my room. At 9:55 PM, I went downstairs to the West Lounge to sign in for my curfew hours. 

I hope tomorrow we will have fun discussing about our opposite person and the things they can't live without.

Got to love the view.


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