Thursday, July 10, 2014

A Fun Day At Penn

The Amtrak Train Station
Today was not such a bad day because we didn't have to wake up early as last night. We needed to be ready and down at the lobby at 6 AM. This was not early for me because I used to wake up at 4:40 AM before school to go to the gym with my dad everyday so I’m used to it. My cohorts and I had a surprise for Alie because today is her birthday.  We went to buy here a little cake of fruits; she loves salad and fruit, at Safeway that is two blocks away from the hotel. We were all down at the lobby at 6 AM and then we headed out to the Amtrak train station. When we arrived at the station we had 30 minutes extra to get a quick breakfast. I just got a coffee; I was not that hungry at all. When the clock hit 7 AM people were starting making line to get on the train so we made line so we can all sit together. Fortunately, there was a lot of room because Washington, D.C is the beginning and the last stop of the Amtrak train. The trip from Washington to Philadelphia is two hours long and everyone took a nap during the ride.

Independence Hall
When we arrived to Philadelphia we went to visit the Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell. It was nice seeing and knowing where America started getting their independence by their first step and that was the Declaration of Independence. It’s interesting that they value a Bell very much here because long ago the bell symbolized their freedom.
1st Attempt
Then we headed out to Penn to walk around the university and look for the undergraduate office. First we went to get a drink at Starbucks for the hot weather. After we got our drinks we headed to the office because it was going to be time for our tour that was at 11 AM. Our tour guide name is Isabel and she’s going to be a rising junior at Penn. Isabel is an international student and she’s from Panama, something that I find incredible coming all the way from there and adjusting to the weather and a whole different environment. I like that Penn has an incredible Engineering school because I have in mind to be an engineering or a businessman but I still have not decided yet. One thing that I love about the engineering school is that all seniors have a big final were they have to plan a project and have to build it and make it work and explain the process of how it works. I think this is cool because you have to be creative and thing outside the box and that’s what an engineer have to do. They also have a new building that they barely constructed and is made all of glass for nanotechnology engineering.
\The Dorm Square

My best friend Benjamin and I just hanging around
Another thing I like is that all coming up freshmen’s can choose their own dorm, like if they want to have a roommate or be alone is their own choice to choose. That’s something awesome because they want the freshmen’s to feel more comfortable and they want them to adjust to the school and the environment. Penn have four different schools to choose from and they are: The College of Arts and Sciences, The School of Nursing, The Wharton School, and The School of Engineering and Applied Science. At Penn you can double major and when you’re a sophomore you can pick more than 4 classes that’s if you know you can handle it. Penn was founded by Benjamin Franklin year 1740. He wanted to establish the school so students can achieve and pursue their dreams to make an impact in the world.
2nd attempt
Irvine Auditorium 
After we went to the admission presentation were they talked more about the school and what they expect back from the students. The school has about or more than 500 extracurricular activities that they can join, you name it and they have it and if they don’t have it you can start your own. The school wants to know what are your extracurricular activities because they want to know if you can get along with the community or what are you doing for your community. Jason the admission speaker gave us a tip for when we are working on our personal statement. He said that your personal statement have to talk about yourself that if someone picks it up with no name and he reads it he will automatically will know who’s it.  I think that was a great tip for me because now I have an idea how my personal statement has to look like.

Ready for dessert
After the admission presentation, we headed out to our lunch with the alumni. When we got to the restaurant, Davios Northern Italian Steak House, the alumni were already there waiting. We introduce ourselves to them. Their names were Johnathan major in pre-med, Carol major in pre-med, Kingson major in Bio-medical Science.  Jonathan is from Mississippi he applied to Vanderbilt and Penn and he chose Penn because he wanted to do something different so he came up north. He said the school is very awesome and that your roommates and classmates motivate you to do better at school. He told us that the school makes you be more responsible and you learn how to flex your time. He also told us that the upcoming freshmen’s can come up to 4-3 days before everyone comes back to the campus. He said that they have parties and artist come and performed at the Art museum of Philadelphia.  The school knows that they are working hard in school, and they just want them to have some fun to clear their mind out. Jonathan also talked about that he has to go and observe a doctor doing surgery for three hours from 8 AM to 11 AM. We also talked about his professor that they would help you in anything you need that they also care about your education and what you want to do later in life.
Group Picture

When we finished our lunch we took a group picture with the alumni and my cohorts. Then we walked around the city and explore it a little bit because we had one hour and thirty minutes extra time before we needed to catch our train. We also decided to walk all the way to the Amtrak train station. We got the train at 6 PM and arrived at the hotel at 9 PM. Then Alie shared her cupcakes that her boyfriend sends her for her birthday. That’s how we ended our night celebrating Alie birthday.

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