Monday, June 2, 2014

Essential Information Orientation

On my way to the orientation I was nervous because I did the first thing that Don told us not to do and that was forgetting my contact form. I did not wanted to take out evil Don today and I did not wanted to look unprofessional. I knew Don was not going to be happy about me forgetting the contact form after he email me a thousands of remainders. Luckily, my big brother Byron was at home and I gave him a called  to ask him if he do me the favor of bringing me the form.  Fortunately, my brother was able to drop off the form for me and saved me from evil Don.

At my arrival at the orientation, I got 15 minutes early because I did not wanted to be excluded from the program for a tardy issue. I did not wanted to be the one standing outside Pinole Middle School gates for being an ignorant person to go late after we were told not to be late. This is very important because this is what we have to do in every job or any other event to always be on time.  I will not let this issue be an obstacle to me and I will improve and get better at being punctual because that shows people that you are interesting to listen what they have to say.

The orientation was very helpful for my dad and I because is good to hear the same think twice or more, so it can be recorded on your mind playing over and over again.  Don gave a speech for at least 10 minutes of all the procedures and rules of the ILC.  He showed us a display of some of the things that he can loan to us the ILCers and Chaperones and like Don always says that the key is to give it back after our arrival in California.

Display loans: Cameras, Fans, Alarm clock, Mouse, Desk Lamp etc...

After Don finished with his speech we were all immediately separated as a group with our chaperon.  We went to a classroom where my cohorts, chaperon, parents and I were discussing about our trip and what university are we going to explore.  The UChicago  general itinerary has very essential information for the parents because it shows what are we going to do each day and which university are going to visit.  First we going to Washington University, after is Georgetown, then UPenn, and last but not least is Northwestern. All of this have to happened in four days so we going to be running up and down the first week.  After we finished talking about our agenda and what places will want to visit in the east coast; Alie (my chaperon) instructed some rules that she had for us so we my cohorts and I, along with the parents about texting her or calling her every time we decide to go out or to check in and no doubt to ask for help or opinion.  I believe with the information that was  giving to all the parents either by Don or a chaperon, it took out a heavy weight from the shoulders of the parents knowing more about the chaperon and where and with who their child is going to be at or around with.  Another thing that was helpful is knowing what to pack for the trip so parents can help the child pack because some of us is the first time traveling and that's even including me.

Every day goes by and I can't wait until the day that I will be  in San Francisco airport ready to take off. Even though we still have to wait one more month, it feels like July 7 is just around the corner.

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  1. You were very organized with your forms way to go!