Thursday, July 24, 2014

Everyday Learning New Materials

I woke up very tired this morning because I went to sleep late last night. My leg was still hurting from the soccer game I played yesterday. Every time I would walk and bend my left knee it would instantly give me a pain. I didn't eat breakfast for the cause of my left knee pain; it would take me at least 10 minutes to get to my class. I arrived at my class five minutes early. Achy told the class to start working on our journal. When we finished with our journal, Achy said that we were going to work on revising the road story we all turned in. First, she started with Karen, Robert, Qynce, and Cristine road story about an epidemic disease in Washington. It is six pages long and the whole morning we were revising it as a class. Achy was reading the story, while she gives her comments to the group and anyone can jump in the conversation to comment on the story too. Achy was very straight forward with the team and told them what was wrong and what was confusing in the story. Then, some of my classmates started feeling comfortable and started commenting on their story too. We spend the whole morning working on their story. She let us out at 12 PM and to come back at 1:15 PM. In lunch I sat down with my friends Alexa, Dani, and Vicky. Oyin was in a field trip at downtown Chicago.  We were all talking about how class was going really smooth today. We all walked to class together because our classes were in the same direction. When I got back to my class we started working on Liwen, Lucy, and Tess road story about a dad that is a straight jackass to his son and wife. With this story most of the class participated and it was a very fun activity and we enjoyed revising their story. We finished with their story at three. Achy let us go, but before we left, she told us that our personal story was due on Saturday at noon. The whole class was very happy with this great news. The story was due tomorrow at midnight, but she changed it and we were all happy to hear that.
Mr. Peter White (Alice's Adventures in Wonderland) only that his not white.

I came to my room and took a 30 minutes nap, before I leave to meet up with Pamela. When I woke up from my nap I grab my backpack, put my sandals on, and headed to International House to meet up with Pamela. Pamela and I went over the fragment sentences assignment that she left me last night. I got 8 out of 16 right and then she knew that I need to work more on identifying fragments sentences. She also explained to me why I got it wrong, and why it was the correct answer instead of the answer I wrote down. Then, we started revising my personal essay that I’m still working on. She gave me really good feedback about the mistakes I was doing in my essay: prepositions words, stop using at, add verb ending, punctuation with sentences, such as, comma slices, and periods after sentence fragments. I don’t care if she tells me straight forward about my errors because I came here to learn and learning what my mistakes are will help me improve. I needed to go back to my essay and fix my errors.
Halperin Lounge doing our homework.

When Pamela and I finished with our meeting, I came to my room to leave my backpack and went to the Dining Hall to eat dinner. I received a called from Oyin telling me to come and join her and the girls for dinner. I was already inside of the Dining room when she called me. I told her I was inside getting food already. She didn't want to come inside because she was waiting for Alexa and Dani that were coming from the gym. I told her that she can wait for them inside and to not leave me eating by myself. She came inside and I waited for her to get food. Then, Alexa and Dani came in and they grabbed their food too. We all look for a table to sit down. We stayed in the Dining Hall for 1 hour 30 minutes talking about class, and Oyin field trip. She went to Interface Company where they make carpet tiles. Then we all decided to meet at Halperin Lounge to do our homework and blog. 

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